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Declaration of arrival in Denmark / Tax Card Activation / Yellow Card – Sygesikringskort

Every citizen who comes to work to Denmark must handle all the necessary employment and legalization documents. As soon as you get the contract from your employer, you have the opportunity to fill in the required form for the Danish tax authority (SKAT), get a temporary social security number (CPR) and activate your tax card. This has to be done in order to correctly calculate the taxes and apply the correct tax-free minimum – Fradrag. To activate your tax card and get your social security number and residence permit, you need to go through several steps. The easiest and fastest way to legalize and handle all the necessary documents is an employment contract. There are also several other ways of obtaining a residence / registration permit (registreringsbevis) in the country and getting a social security number CPR:

  • For students
  • Family member status (spouse, children, parents)
  • With someone who could guarantee for you
  • Having around 75,000DKK in your bank account.

    To obtain a CPR number and activate your tax card as a working person, you must meet the following requirements:

    1. Have an employment contract with at least 12-15 hours a week
    2. For individuals under 25, the monthly pre-tax income must be at least 5267DKK.
    3. For individuals over 25, the monthly pre-tax income must be at least 6351DKK.
    4. Students need a document confirming their entry into an educational institution.
    5. Applying for a residence permit as a relative of a family member or a person who can provide you with a guarantee, the main requirement is a sufficient amount of funds, which are calculated in the same way as for the other applicants.
    6. In order to apply for a permit as a jobseeker, you must provide statements from your bank with proof that you have at least 75,000DKK in your account. (about EUR 10,000).
      1. Employment contract
      2. ID document or passport
      3. Passport type photo 3.5 x 4.5cm
      4. If you come with your family, you will also need birth certificates and a marriage certificate

      After receiving all the necessary documents, we will fill out the migration department’s questionnaire, as well as fill in the form for activating the tax card and accompany you to Statsforvaltning or the commune.

      You may upload copies of the required documents in the form of ordering our services or send us to info@mybaltic.lt specifying the service ordered.

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