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Rental and SFO Club Compensations

In Denmark, depending on the income of a person or family, there is a possibility to get a discount on house renting (boligstøtte), kindergarten or after school activities(SFO, fritidsklub). Discounts for kindergarten / other educational institution based on total family income in 2019:

– earning up to 177,600 kr. per year (before taxes) – 100% compensation
– 177,601 – 551,699 kr. – Partially compensated
– from 551,700 – Full payment

Single parents benefit from the annual income being reduced by 62.139 kr. Parents who let two or more children to the same kindergarten (or another educational institution) are given a 50% discount for the second child, and 100% for the third child (called søskendetilskud). The right to a discount on rented accommodation have all those who pay at least for 2008kr.
Maximum Compensation in 2019:

– If there are no minors in the rented house – 1,018kr.
– If there are up to 3 minor children – 3,582 kr.
– If there are more than 3 minor children – 4,478kr.

In order to apply for compensation for a kindergarten or other educational institution, it is sufficient to indicate the annual family income. To manage your home rental discount you will need:

1.) Scanned house rental agreement
2.) If the rental contract is signed more than a year ago, a copy of the invoice or a confirmation issued by the bank that the rent was paid.

Once we receive your payment and the necessary details, we will start submitting the documents immediately. If necessary, we will call you by the provided phone number.

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