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Trade union membership

The vast majority of the Danish population belong to a variety of labor unions that protect workers’ rights, provide full legal assistance and help with a variety of issues related to employee and employer relationships. Also, it is very useful to know that the trade unions have their own private labor exchange funds, otherwise called “A-kasse”. A person who chooses to pay the A-kasse every month for a membership fee, is entitled to unemployment benefits of up to 2 years in case of losing or quitting a job.

The amount of the monthly contribution depends on whether the person is working full-timme or part-time, which are counted up to 30 hours per week. Full time is considered from 30 hours per week.

– Current employemnt contract

After receiving the payment for your order, we will immediately start submitting the documents to your chosen Trade Union or A-kasse. If we need additional information, we will call the phone number you provided.

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